Did anyone tried using Amaroq with Awoo mode turned on? Do you receive IAP request to pay $350?

Was andere Leute so an Automaten ganz woanders sehen :D

Bild von m-wei.net/ in einem Bücherladen der zu einer Japanischen Kette gehört in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ungewollte Werbung um mehr Infos dazu zur Verfügung zu stellen: Das Spielzeug gibt es auch hier als Set 1999.co.jp/eng/10544534

If I am inactive for a while, it means I really have nothing to say because my brain tries to filter out some nonsenses hard.

mastodon privacy 

since this is coming up again, i feel it's important to stress the following facts about privacy on mastodon:

- DMs are stored in plaintext in the database
- yes, this means admins can access them
- it also means they will be accessible if your instance DB is leaked

- however: this is the same as the situation on any other mainstream social media site
- at the end of the day you should make sure you trust your admins

- ultimately: don't use mastodon for privacy-critical messages

*rolls around* wasting time on stuffs and found that time got passed.

Still have many things to do. ;w;

Got my awoo.kemo.no instance running Riot.im. It is pretty empty though ;w;

awoo.kemo.no The Matrix instance is finally up and running. Please try it out. Also, you can use Riot.im Android, iOS and Web app to connect, by changing Home Server to "awoo.kemo.no"

Also I would like to host Matrix Synapse because

1. I need it to bounce IRC messages to my phone.
2. It is a nice federated chatroom system.

I actually wanted to register kemo.no for social networks but since that's registered for furries (\yay/) I could just request another domain name here to host another Mastodon instances :3



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